'The Diamond Room' - Coming Soon at Gemporia

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Is it just me that imagines shopping for diamond jewellery, especially an engagement ring, to be very stressful? It involves going out and looking round several stores to try and find the perfect one. Luckily for us, Gemporia* will be launching 'The Diamond Room', which is a way of shopping for the perfect ring without even having to leave your bed.

Using 'Virtual In Store Retailing (VIStailing)', the customer will now have the ability to to directly engage with diamond experts via live video chat, or a typed request. They will be available from 1pm-1am, 7 days a week to give you a personal shopping experience like no other.

The experts are fully trained to answer any questions that you may have about specific pieces of jewellery, and can show you close up footage, as well as compare two different pieces to each other. It means that the customer is not just relying on pictures.

The Gemporia Founder, Steve Bennet says: "There have always been customers who know exactly what they want and will shop online in the conventional way, but when customers need a more detailed service and demonstration, VIStailing is the obvious choice."

The difference between shopping on the high street, and shopping with Gemporia, is that they have over 700 designs to choose from, which you would never be able to look at if you went into a store. The prices of the jewellery is also a lot better than in stores.

Once you have decided on your perfect piece of jewellery, it will be shipped the following day, right in time for you to pop the question.

This launches on the 4th March, so get excited. You can take a further look here http://www.gemporia.com/en-gb/diamond-room-coming-soon/.

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1 comment:

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