NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

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If you read my January Favourites post, you will know that I am currently in love with the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. They are liquid lipsticks, that are matte and very long lasting.

First of all I bought the colour 'Amsterdam' (the red on the left). I loved the formula so much that I decided to buy two more, and they were 'London' (the nude in the middle) and 'Copenhagen" (the burgundy on the right). I love the names of them too, and the fact that they are all named after cities.

Amsterdam- I am not the person to wear red lipstick too often but when I do, I want to wear the perfect one. This is amazing. It's not too red that it's overpowering, but it isn't too dark either. It is a really good balance.

London- I have to say, as bad as it sounds, I bought this because it is called London. I obviously liked the look of the colour, but the name swayed my decision. It actually ended up being my favourite of all three. It's a very neutral nude, not too brown and not too pink.

Copenhagen- I always seem to buy dark purple lipsticks. I think they work pretty well with my skin tone, and this one is no exception. The pigmentation is great, and you can either wear it as a bold colour or more toned down depending on how much you apply.

As for the formula of the lipsticks, it is incredible. The pigmentation of all the colours are amazing, and they stay that way for hours. The lipsticks are matte, and they dry so quickly. You can eat and drink about 3 minutes after you've applied it and it will not budge. They can become a little bit drying if you wear them for long periods of time, but not as much as some other lipsticks.

They only cost £5.50 from Feel Unique and Boots, and in my opinion, that's an absolute bargain. I am definitely going to look at buying them in some more colours.


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  1. I love these, I have two of them but I can't remember which, lol. I recently ordered one of the NYX liquid suedes and I really enjoy the formula as well. Today I'm wearing a soft matte lipstick by NYX, another favourite!


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