How to Save Money When Shopping Online


Shopping is the best hobby, but the most expensive one, so I'm all for saving a bit of money here and there. Here are some of my tips to save money when shopping online.

Shop Around
It may seem like an obvious point, but I would recommend that if you find something that you like, don’t buy it straight away. Have a look on other websites, to see if you can buy the same thing or something similar for a much better price. Often it will amount to nothing, but you could end up saving a lot of money.

Sale Section
I don’t like spending any more money than I need too, so if I’m browsing shops online, the first thing that I always do is look through the sale section. Especially in places like Topshop and New Look, their sale sections often have a lot of good quality products for good quality prices. Sometimes, you won’t find anything, but it’s always worth looking.

Shop out of Season
This can be a risky move, if you are one for keeping up with trends, but buying clothes out of season can save you a fortune. For example, a lot of the time I will buy things like bikinis and shorts in the winter, when the company will be trying to sell them all off to make room for winter stock. It won’t be an exciting purchase at the time, but it will be good by the time you get back round to that season

Sign up for Email Alerts
Junk emails can often be the most annoying thing ever, but not if you do it right. I have an email account, which I don’t use for much else other than email alerts from different shops. Sometimes, this will amount to nothing, but a lot of the time, you may get discount codes that aren’t available to anyone else and also advanced news of upcoming sales.

Use the Online Chat
In a lot of online shops, there is an icon in the corner of the page where you can ask for help from someone who works there. If the website that you are using has this, it could prove useful because you can ask them if there are any secret sales, or any discount codes that they could give you. This often works out very well for a lot of shoppers.


Image is from Google, and is not my own.
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