Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

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It is nuts to think that another year has come and gone. It feels like life is moving so quickly, and it's nice to sit down and reflect on what happened during the year, and what your goals are for next year.

Memorable Moments of 2015:
-Leaving school
-My Exams and getting the results
-Starting Sixth Form
-Jumping off the top of a mountain
-Holidays and school trips abroad

My goals were 2015 were to do well in my exams and focus on improving my blog, both of which I feel like I have achieved. I am very excited for what 2016, and I have also set myself some blog goals for the year.

I have been blogging for a little while, and I would really like to take it to the next level, and possibly create more of an income from it, through advertisers and sponsored posts. Whilst, I love blogging a lot, and no matter what it will always be my hobby, it would be nice if I could get a small income from it. Don't worry though, nothing will be changing around here.

Again, this year I also want to focus on the quality of my blog posts, and also keeping a consistent quantity of posts. Obviously, some months will be busier than others, but I want to stay organised, meaning that I will write at least 10 new blog posts per month.

I hope everyone has had an amazing 2015, and has an even better 2016.

What are your goals for 2016?


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