Winter Essentials || Blogmas Day 9

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Today I'm going to share with you the things that I need to survive winter, and are what I would class as my winter essentials. 

Hot Chocolate
I'm not going to lie and say that my hot chocolate intake is restricted to the winter, but it does significantly increase when the temperature decreases. I generally just make them at home, because it can get really expensive if you are buying them from Costa or Starbucks everyday. My favourite is the Options Indulgence Belgian Brownie hot chocolate powder, and I've also recently discovered how much I love making hot chocolates with chocolate chips. I don't drink them everyday, but have restricted myself to one or two per week.

Primark Pajama Bottoms
I love all pajamas, but no one makes winter pajama bottoms like Primark. For those of you who don't have Primark where you live, I feel sorry for you. I don't shop in Primark that often anymore, but I do have several pairs in order to get me through the winter. They are so cheap, but so fluffy and warm. They also make great onesies too.

Lip Balm 
I always suffer with dry lips, so they are especially bad in the winter. I always have to carry one around with me. My favourite at the moment is the Derma Intensive Plus, but I also love Maybelline's BabyLips and EOS lip balms.

Christmas Nail Polish
This isn't really a winter essential, as such, but it is perfect for Christmas time. The nail polish is Rimmel's Precious Stone in Ruby Crush. I always struggle to find a glitter nail polish that is high coverage, but this is. It doesn't need to have a base colour underneath, which makes it very easy and quick to apply.

Lush Bath Bombs
Lush bath bombs are also at the top of their game around this time of the year. They make so many amazing ones at Christmas. They also bring out my favourite Lush product, which is the Snow Fairy shower gel. 


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  1. The Maybelline Babylips are a complete essential for me too, I don't think I could get through winter without it!
    Love Primark jammies too, they are the ultimate aha

    Chloe x | Snug Corner


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