Last Minute Gift Ideas || Blogmas Day 19

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December goes so quickly, so sometimes you get to a few days before Christmas when you realise you haven't done all of your Christmas shopping. This can become stressful because online shopping deliveries often won't come in time at this point. Here are some ideas, which could help you.

Mason Jar DIYs
A gift that a lot of people will enjoy making or receiving, is a mason jar full of goodies. One of my favourite ideas is to fill it with is either cookie or hot chocolate ingredients, so that the person you are giving the present to, can make it themselves.

For example, in a hot chocolate gift jar, you can include sachets of hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips or sprinkles to top it with. You can also decorate the jar with ribbon and a tag.

If you are really close to Christmas, this could be a good idea for you. If there is a certain treat that you know the person you are gifting, likes, then you could always bake it for them. It means that the food won't go off before Christmas, and depending on what it is, you might be able to put it in a little box and decorate it.

Photo Album
 An idea for a gift, that is a lot more person, is a photo album. You could print off lots of pictures that are special to that person and collate them into an album that they can look through. It's a great idea that everyone will enjoy receiving, especially parents or family.

I hope you a have found these ideas helpful.


All images are from Google and are not my own.
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