How to Make a Beauty Gift Basket- Guest Post || Blogmas Day 17

A delightful gift appropriate for any type of occasion is definitely a gift basket. You can purchase them through various catalogues or order them online. However, if you choose to make it yourself, it will give the present more meaning. Especially if you know exactly what type of product you would like to include in it. The gift basket that you made yourself will be unique, and it will show that you really wanted to make a special gift for your friend, or a relative. We have some great suggestions for the perfect beauty basket.

The Tranquility Basket

Some of the products you can include into this beauty gift basket are a body scrub, body powder, hand cream, a loofah sponge, a scented candle, and a box of candy. These are all the goodies that a woman needs and uses all the time. It will make the perfect gift and there is no way she will not like it. 100 percent pure blog is the perfect place to search for additional gift baskets ideas.

The Staying Fresh Basket

Towels, body lotions, potpourris, scented room or linen sprays, and various brushes can also be a part of a beauty gift basket. Different body butter sets are perfect for hydration and come in various scents. You can choose coconut, vanilla, cherry, or any other scents that you think the person you are making the basket for will love. Include a bag of healthy snacks, and it will be the cherry on top of a fantastic gift basket.

The Cupcake Basket

In this basket, you may include an exfoliating scarf, bath bombs, soap, a face mask, bath salt, and spa sock cupcakes. These cupcakes are especially interesting because they are unique gifts with inventive packaging all in one. The bottom of the cupcake is a cup cozy, the icing is a pair of spa socks, and the topping is a lollipop. This makes for an adorable and very creative gift, indeed. Since we tend to use products that are more organic every day, you can choose to make all-natural bath bombs yourself. All you need is 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of citric acid, 100% pure witch hazel spray bottle, 10-20 drops of 100% pure essential oils, natural colorant, and plastic moulds.

The Glowing Skin Basket

Combining a lip balm or gloss with massage oils, a moisturizing body gel, a bath splash, and a box of gourmet dark chocolate will be fabulous to put in a beauty gift basket. All of these products will help the skin feel perfectly moisturized and soft. Whoever gets it will be more than delighted to receive these beauty goodies.

Arranging the Basket

When arranging the items into the basket, make sure they are not too deep at the bottom of the basket. Therefore, fill the bottom of the basket ¾ of the way with some scrunched colored paper. Then place the items inside the way you like it. I recommend the taller items to be in the back, so they can offer support and stability to the smaller ones in the front.

Additionally, do not forget to add attractive labels to your homemade gifts. The beauty gift basket should be a gorgeous delight when it is received. Finally, wrap the entire basket with colorful plastic wrap and top it with a bow. In case you are shipping the basket, use a sturdy box instead of a basket. Furthermore, make sure that each breakable item in the basket is protected and secured. Shippers may not be as gentle as you expect so it will be a real shame if some of the glass jars break on the way to the receiver.


Guest post by Melissa Stevens. 

Thank you Melissa for this lovely post and idea.
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  1. I love giving gift baskets or sets! As there are more things to choose from and you will be sure that the person will like their gift :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  2. I've never even thought to make my own gift basket as a present for someone! Thanks for the idea :)

    Renee | Lose the Road


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