Three Things I've Learned This Year || Blogmas Day 22


 1. To care less what people think
I have spent a fair amount of my years, caring so much about what others think of me, and this year I have just learnt to not give a damn. Not everyone in your life is going to like what you, and what you stand for, but that shouldn’t matter. Obviously, I still struggle with this at times, but my life is so much easier and happier now that I spend a lot less time worrying about what people think.

2. Hard work pays off
A major thing that happened to me this year was taking my GCSE's and getting my results. It taught me that working hard for something really does pay off. I put all of my effort in them, and tried my absolute best and came out with 2 A*'s, 7 A's and a B, which I was so proud of myself for.

3. People won’t be the same forever
Probably my biggest lesson, of this whole year, is that no one will stay the same their whole life. Everyone changes and grows as an individual; sometimes for the good and sometimes not. It can be sad when you realise that someone has become a person that is a lot different to the person you were once close with, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve also learned that the problem doesn’t always lie with them changing, it sometimes lies with you not accepting it. However, it is a natural thing that happens as people grow up, so you just have to deal with it.


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