Christmas Cupcakes || Blogmas Day 12

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I'm always looking for fun little Christmas baking ideas. I came across these snowman cupcakes the other day on Pintrest, so I thought I'd give them a try. I made them with my friend Lauren, for our dance school's Christmas party.

They were so easy to make. All you need is cupcakes, buttercream icing, white marshmallows and coloured icing/ chocolate for the face and arms. We were in a massive rush, so we bought pre baked cupcakes and Betty Crocker icing, but normally I would've made the cupcakes myself.

All that you need to do, is put the white icing in a piping back and cut of the tip. If you are struggling to get your icing really white, keep mixing it (a hand mixer will help), and that should make it a lot paler. Then just add a marshmallow on the top, and you will have the snowman's head and body. 

To make the eyes and arms of the snowmen, we just used a combination of chocolate buttercream and melted chocolate, and we used a toothpick to put it on. Then, you will just need either some red or orange icing to create the carrot nose.

They are so easy, but look so impressive. Everyone at the party really liked them.

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