How to get Salon Perfect Nails at Home

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I love having my nails done, especially acrylics because I love them to be long, but it can get so expensive if you are getting them done a lot. I have instead turned to false nails. Although they don't stay on as long, they still look really nice and there is so many different ways you can do them. 

I don't buy a certain pattern/ colour, I buy lots of plain clear plastic nails and then shape and paint them myself, and it is really easy to do.

You will need:
Clear false nails (you can get them here)
Scissors (preferably nail scissors)
Nail file
Nail glue (I use this one)
Nail polish 

The first thing to do, is measure up the different nail sizes with your own, and figure out which sizes suit which fingers best. You may have to file them down at the side, but luckily there is a size to fit each of my nails perfectly.

Then stick them down using the nail glue. I love the Elegant Touch one, because it is brush on which is 100% easier than the glue you get in false nail sets, and it doesn't damage your real nails underneath.

After that you are king to want to file them down to the shape that you are after. I went for a rounded-stileto style, by cutting the tips into triangles and them filing them down so that they are not too sharp.

Finally, you will just need to paint them. I just went for white, but I also love doing them matte black as well.

They are honestly so easy to do, and I love having them on. I just carry the glue around with me and then if any of them fall off, I just stick them back on, and within in seconds they're back to normal.

I hope you find this helpful.

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