Favourite MAC Products


I love MAC so much and if it wasn't so expensive, I would probably by all my makeup from there. But out of the things that I do own, here are my favourite products from MAC.

Powder Blush- Fleur Power
I have talked about this blush countless amounts of times on my blog, but I love it so much. It is a natural pink colour, that is perfect for anytime of the year and for any look. I bought the pot nearly a year ago now, I've used it almost everyday since and I still haven't hit pan, so the value for money is amazing.

Lipstick- Dark Side
This lipstick went away for the summer, but it is definitely coming back out for Autumn and Winter. It is such a beautiful dark colour, and the lasting power is amazing. It is a glossy lipstick, so it doesn't dry out your lips, but the pigmentation is still brilliant. Again, this is definitely worth the money.

Vanilla Pigment
This was the first MAC product that I ever heard about, but it took me so long to get round to buying it. I bought a mini version, so there is not as much in there, but I'm sure it will last me a really long time. It is the most beautiful colour, and I love that it can be used for highlight either on the eyes, or on your cheeks. It is such a pretty highlight, with out being way too over the top.

Warm Neutrals Palette
Nothing makes me happier than a good eyeshadow palette. I have wanted to build my own in MAC for such a long time, but it just works out so expensive, so in the end I found this one, which contains a lot of the colours that I would have picked anyway. The colours are a mixture of matte and shimmery and they are all quite neutral colours. I love how you can create so many different looks out of one palette. If you are looking for a natural higher end palette, I would recommend this a lot.

What are you favourite products from MAC?

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  1. Lovely post! I love my Mac palette!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. Loving the MAC palette :)


  3. Absolutely envy your makeup bag!

  4. Can you believe the only thing I own from Mac is the 217 brush, oh and also a Cinderella lipstick haha! I love the products but the Mac stand where I am is so intimidating I never want to have a proper browse! That blush looks so gorgeous, perfect for every day :)

    Chloe x
    Snug Corner

    1. It can be so intimidating sometimes, I hate that xx

  5. That blush is just beautiful! I'm so jealous, the only Mac product I have is a lipstick! Great post xx

    megan // www.megxnscott.com

  6. I love the dark side lipstick!



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