My Turtle Experience

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I got home this morning from a holiday to Florida, and whilst I was there, my family and I saw a pretty amazing thing happen, involving a baby turtle. It's a lot different to my usual posts, but it was the most memorable part of the holiday and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all. It was also extremely special, as nothing else like it happens in England.

 The way it works is that female turtles will walk up on to the beach (usually in the night), dig a hole, lay their eggs and then cover it over with sand. I stayed in Naples in Florida, in a beach resort, so there was a beach just right outside the hotel room. Me and my family were walking along the beach on one of our first mornings, and came across a lady who was working with all of the turtle nests on the beach. She explained to us that every morning someone goes up the beach and checks for signs of new turtle nests and then they are marked off so that they aren't damaged or trodden on.

They can also tell when the eggs have hatched and the baby turtles have made there way into the ocean. They then wait three days, and excavate the nests. This is done to make sure they are all out, find out how many turtles eggs have hatched, and also look at the cause for the ones who haven't. 

The lady on the beach was excavating a nest that had hatched three days prior, and she was nice enough to let us watch, and she explained the whole process.

As she was taking out the egg shells, she came across a baby turtle who had died, and hadn't made it out of the nest, which was sad. It was explained to us, however, that it is not rare and that only 1 in 1000 turtles make it to adulthood.

A few moments later, a live baby was found in the nest, and it was an albino too. It was so amazing to watch this little turtle, who had not long come out of the nest, moving around so quickly. Apparently albino turtles are very rare, and unfortunately it makes it harder for them to survive because they can't camouflage as well as others, but you never know.

After the nest was finished and we knew there were no more turtles in there, the albino turtle was released. It was so amazing to see how instinctive they are. It walked down the beach and got swept up by the waves into the sea. I also learnt that if it was a female, it has made its mark so it will now come back to that same beach to lay eggs in the future.

It was special to see nature happening right in front of you, and as I mentioned, I would never see it at home. We watched more excavations after that, on other days, but nothing like that happened again. However, at one we were watching, NBC news were filming. We all made it on TV briefly, and my Dad was interviewed!!

If you ever get the opportunity to see something like that, you should. I will never forget it.

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