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Benefit is one of my favourite makeup brands, if not my favourite. Although it is a little pricier than drugstore brands, the quality is always amazing, and their products rarely disappoint. Here are some of my Benefit favourites. 

Porefessional Primer
This is 100% the best primer that I have ever tried. It is so soft on the skin and creates a smooth base for your makeup, whilst making the makeup stay put all day. It makes your skin matte and reduces the appearance of pores so much. I love it so much! But I am running out at the moment, so I am not currently using it everyday because I want to make it last. 

Booing Concealer
This is my favourite cream concealer and, again, I am almost out of it. Oops. The coverage is amazing, as it is the best thing ever at covering spots and blemishes. It stays on for a long time, and a little goes a long way. The lightest shade (which is the one I have- Shade 01) is also great for highlighting, and makes you look so much more awake when it is applied under your eyes. 

I haven't used this loads and loads yet, but so far I love it. It is basically a product that you apply to your eyelids or around your eyes, and it neutralises redness and dark spots around your eye area. It can also be used as a sort of primer, and it creates a great base for eye makeup. I also love the consistency, as it is smooth, and not to oily or dry. This is the first product that I have used like this, and I love it a lot. 

Hoola Bronzer
The hoola bronzer is probably my all time favourite Benefit product. It is perfect for contouring. The colour of it makes it so good at sculpting and shaping your face- especially cheek bones. It is so crazy how long this product is lasting. It is a sample, so it's not even full size. I have been using it pretty much daily since I got it in December and you can still see the writing. There is barely a dent in it. I love it so much and recommend it a lot. 

What are your favourite products from Benefit? 

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  1. The porefessional is one of my favourite primers!

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