Dealing with Exam Stress

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Exams are one of those things that most people have to go through several times throughout their lives. It can be very stressful for a lot of people, so although it is different from my normal posts, I thought that I would offer some advice and tell you some of the things that I did to deal with the stress.

I have just finished Year 11, which means I have recently done my GCSEs, and I know that they may involve a lot less stress than other exams, but they are a big deal at the time. So, here are some of my tips to help you relax.

1. Start revising early.
One of the main things that stressed people out about exams is the feeling that they have no time. This can be avoided by starting early and keeping on top of all of your work. Saying that though, it is important that you don't go full speed ahead to far in advance, otherwise it can lead to you burning out and running out of motivation and energy during the exam period. So just try to find a good balance.

2. Remember that the exam isn't the end of the world.
It may feel like it at the time, but it is important to remember that this exam won't be the be all and end all of your life. Your health is much more important, and when put into context the exam doesn't matter that much. So put a lot of effort it, but not so much that it has a massive affect on you.

3. Find a friend to revise with.
Personally, I am the kind of person who just prefers to get on with it alone, but some people find it a lot easier and less stressful to revise with a friend. You can test each other, and you have human interaction, which makes it feel a lot less boring and tedious.

4. Take time out.
Whether you think that you have time or not, it is important to take breaks. It will make you focus more afterwards, because if you just sit and revise for hours on end, you will reach the point where the information stops going in and it becomes pointless. However, I did find that the longer the breaks were that I took, the harder I found it to get back into it. So, I recommend short breaks often. Also, depending on how far away your exam is, a night off or a pamper evening may not hurt.

5. Sleep.
Sleep is so important, because not only does it make you feel more focused, but lack of sleep can also make things seem like a much bigger deal, making you way more stressed out than you need to be. Somewhere between 8 and 9 hours is recommended.

I hope that you have found these tips helpful. If you have any more, leave a comment.


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Blog Post Ideas


I have been blogging for almost a year now, and with over 100 posts written, I know that coming up with ideas can be very difficult. So I have made a list of 20 blog post ideas, designed to help you whether you are just staring out or are just generally stuck for ideas. They are mostly focused around beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts, as they are what I write most posts about.

1. Monthly favourites
2. Outfit of the day/ Outfits of the week
3. Seasonal baking recipes (e.g Christmas cupcakes)
4. Blogging advice
5. Beauty tutorials
6. Makeup hacks
7. Tips on making makeup products lasts longer
8. Product reviews
9. Comparison of product dupes (one high end and one drugstore)
10. Disappointing products
11. Skincare advice
12. Do's and don'ts when blogging
13. Recreating makeup looks (e.g. celebrities)
14. Recommended products for certain skin types
15. Fashion look for less
16. Advice on starting a blog
17. Tag posts
18. What's in my makeup bag?
19. List of blogs you enjoy reading
20. Finding the best value for money when shopping

I hope you found some of these ideas helpful. If you have any other ideas that could help people, leave a comment below.


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My Prom Makeup Look


If you weren’t aware, I had my prom last Thursday. Instead of paying someone to do my makeup, I thought that I would just do it myself and today I am going to share with you how I did it and what products I used.

I started off by using the Benefit Porefessional Primer as a base. This is so good at making your foundation last longer and it also fills in pores, giving you a much smoother base to apply your makeup to. The foundation that I used was the L’Oreal True Match. I have been using this a lot recently and have found this to be great for the summer, as it is light on your skin but still has good coverage. It was perfect for prom as it didn’t have flashback in photos, and it stayed put throughout the whole evening. I blended this in with a Real Techniques Cheek Brush.

For concealer, I used a combination of two, which were the Rimmel Wake Me Up and the Benefit Boiing. I used the Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes to brighten them up, and I used the Boiing concealer to cover any blemishes and redness around my nose.

The next thing that I did was fill in my eyebrows with the Rimmel Proffessional Eyebrow Pencil in the colour 002 Hazel. This pencil is very natural looking and lasts for a long time. 
When powdering my face, I didn’t want a completely matte look, and wanted to leave my skin with a slightly dewy finish, but not so much so that I looked oily. The power that I used was the MAC Prep and Prime CC Colour Correcting Loose Powder. I applied a very light coating over my face and then focused it more on my nose and forehead because that is where I usually get the most oily.

To contour, I used the Benefit Hoola Bronzer and the Real Techniques Contour Brush. This is an amazing combination for defining cheekbones. I also used the Rimmel Natural Bronzer and an iOn Beauty Angled Blusher Brush to bronze my cheeks and forehead, and give my skin more of a tanned look. Next I applied the NARS Deepthroat Blusher to my cheeks with a MAC 187 brush. I love this blusher because it is very natural but still has a slight shimmer to it. To highly my cheekbones, I used the MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter and a MAC 130 brush. I do not always love MUA products, but this highlighter has a very pretty colour and shimmer.

The next thing I did was move onto my eye makeup, which is my favourite part and I always enjoy doing it. I started off by applying the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, all over my eyelids. This makes the pigmentation and lasting power of the eyeshadows much better. My eyemakeup all came from the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I created a very natural look, with darker colours such as Darkhorse and Hustle blended into the crease and lighter and more shimmery colours such as Sin on the lid. To finish off I highlighted the inner corners of my eyes and underneath the brow bone with the colour Virgin, which is probably my favourite shade in the whole palette.

I then added a very thin line of the L'Oreal Super Liner to my lash line and then curled my eyelashes. I applied a very tiny bit of the Benefit They're Real Mascara and then applied the Tanya Burr Bambi False Lashes. They look so natural but are so long and fluttery and I love them. To finish my eyes, I added the Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara to my bottom lashes.

To finish the whole look off, I applied the Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Rouge Fondant to my lips.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found it interesting to see what products I used for my prom makeup!


Remington Style Professional Pearl Ci95 Curling Wand Review

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I love styling my hair and flick between having it straight and curly quite often. The curling wand that I use is the Remington Style Professional Ci95 and I love it.

The shape of the wand goes from thick at the bottom, to create a more natural curl and thinner at the top, for tighter curls. It also means that you can have your curls looser at the top and tighter at the bottom. The wand heats up really quickly and you can change the temperature, up to 210 degrees celcius.

You only need to wrap your hair around the wand for around 3-5 seconds before they are curled, which means that it doesn't take long to curl all of your hair. The curls also last all day and hold even without hairspray. 

It also comes with a heatproof pouch that you can unzip to turn into a pad and also a heatproof glove. It also is very affordable at around £24. I have used this for a few years ago and it is still just as good as new. I love how it is so easy to use, and would recommend it a lot.

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