June Favourites


I have recently realised that it has been a very long time since I last wrote a monthly favourites post. I have really missed doing them and have several favourites, from the month of June, to share with you. Some of them are beauty related and some are just random.

L'oreal True Match Foundation
I bought this foundation a couple of weeks ago and have so far really enjoyed using it. People have raved about it for so long, but I have just never tried it before. It has definitely made a big difference to my skin, as it is so lightweight and doesn't clog your pores. It is the perfect summer foundation, as it feels so light (basically like moisturiser or BB cream), but still has high coverage and is very long lasting.

Tanya Burr Bambi Lashes
I have only recently, in the past 6 months or so, started using false eyelashes. For so long I found them way too hard to apply, so I just didn't bother. However, I have recently learnt that practice makes perfect, and it also depends on the lashes you use. I now wear them a lot more often. The lashes that I have been loving are Tanya Burr's Bambi Lashes. They look so natural, but are still very long and fluttery. The glue it comes with is also very good quality and helps them to stay on for a long time. These are also the lashes that I plan to wear for my prom on Thursday.

Caribou Powder Brush
I bought this brush from an online company several months ago, and now I can't find their website, so I don't actually know what the brush is called (I'm just guessing). This brush is the softest brush I own; I cannot tell you how fluffy it is. It feels so nice on your skin, which is so much better than a scratchy brush that will irritate your skin. It is also very dense, so it picks up a lot of product, but still spreads it evenly.

L'Oreal Super Liner
Eyeliner is another one of those things which takes a lot of practice, but I love this eyeliner because the shape makes it so easily to apply. It is a very black colour, which means that one thin layer is enough to give your eye a lot of definition. It is very long lasting and doesn't smudge at all throughout the day. I like it because it is easy to apply both a thick line and a very thin line.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I am so obsessed with it and it has come to be one of the favourite products that I own. The colours in the palette are perfect for someone who tends to go for more neutral eye makeup, like me. The eyeshadows are also such good quality- they have great pigmentation, blend easily and last all day without creasing.
The palette also comes with samples of the primers, which are such good quality. A little goes a long way with them, so the samples are lasting a very long time.

Modern Family
This is a completely non-beauty favourite. I have always loved the show 'Modern Family' and watch it from time to time, but it is basically all I watched through the whole of June. It is absolutely hilarious and so easy to watch.

Salted Caramel Green Tea
This seems like such a weird thing to include. I try to drink green tea as often as possible, as I know it has a lot of health benefits. However, it can get a bit boring drinking it all the time. I recently discovered salted caramel flavour, which is still good for you, but tastes better and a little bit sweet. I have been constantly drinking it recently and I love it a lot.

What have you been loving throughout June?


Pamper Evening Essentials

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With the stress that comes with everyday life, it is sometimes nice to have an evening where you can just relax and pamper yourself. So here are some of my pamper evening essentials.

Face Masks and Pore Strips
Face masks are always essential when it comes to a pamper evening. Superdrug face masks are great. They care for your skin and leave it feeling clear and fresh. They are also very affordable and if you buy the tubes, they last for ages. My favourite is the Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask.
I also enjoy using pore strips on my nose to unblock any pores I have. My favourite are the Tea Tree Deep Cleansing Nose Strips.

When it comes to skincare, Soap and Glory are my favourite brand. They are very affordable but are great quality. I enjoy using the Soap and Glory Flake Away to remove any dead or dry skin, especially on my legs and arms. When it comes to moisturising, I am usually quite lazy, but I have been getting better recently. My favourite at the moment is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter because it has great benefits for your skin and doesn't take very long to sink in.

If I am going in the bath, I like to have some kind of bath bomb. I often use Lush bath bombs and love them. Recently I have been also loving the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar. I works in the same way as a bath bomb but doesn't need to be used all at once and it smells great.
On a pamper evening, I also like to light candles and recently I have been loving the Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie. It is very sweet and I love the smell.

What are your pamper evening essentials?



How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


For most of my life I have had pretty short hair (about shoulder length), but recently my hair has grown pretty long and I get so many people asking me how I grew it. I will start off by saying that there is no miracle hair growing treatment that will give you long hair overnight, however there are several things that you can do to speed up the process. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely no hair expert and it's not to say that all of these tips will work for you/ your hair type, but it is what has worked for me over the past couple of years.

Washing Your Hair
I know this changes from person to person, but I am someone who can get away with washing my hair every 2 or 3 days. Too some people that may seem like not very often, but that is just how my hair is. It doesn't really get greasy, so I never have to wash it daily. I think that this has made a difference with my hair growth, because it means that I don't have to use heat to style it everyday, therefore it stays healthier for longer.

A tip that I have when washing your hair is to use a good conditioner (it doesn't need to be expensive) and leave it in for around 3 minutes before washing it out. When washing your hair, you should also focus shampoo towards the top of your hair and your scalp, and focus the conditioner on the lengths of your hair. Avoid putting much conditioner around your scalp, as it could cause your hair to become greasier quicker. When you are applying shampoo, it is a good idea to give yourself a little head massage too, as this can improve the circulation and help it grow.

Another good thing to use is a deep conditioner. This is good to use every couple of weeks and I have found it to be very helpful, as it moisturises the lengths of your hair and is also especially good when focused on the ends of your hair. This is because it will help to battle dry ends, caused by heat damage and can prevent you from needing your hair cut so often or having to have as much cut off.

Styling Your Hair
Everywhere that you read online recommends that you shouldn't use heat on your hair if you want it to grow faster (which seems impossible). In some cases, this may be necessary, but I have grown my hair out using straighteners and curlers the whole time. I do not frequently blow dry my hair, purely because I usually can't be bothered. Most of the time I just wash my hair in the evening and let it dry overnight. Something that I do like to do to avoid heat, is put my hair in french plaits when it is damp at night and then take it out in the morning to give it natural curls and this is how I have it in the picture above, (which was actually taken almost a year ago, so my hair is a lot longer now).

I will usually straighten or curl it in the morning, once my hair has completely dried overnight.
I think the most important thing to focus on when using heat on your hair, is to find a good heat protectant. There are so many that you can buy and they don't cost very much, but make a massive difference. Again, I mostly focus these at the ends of my hair because this is where your hair is most likely to get split and damaged. It also helps that I don't wash my hair everyday, because if I straighten or curl it, it will usually last 2 or 3 days, with only a couple of touch ups.

Cutting Your Hair
I know that this isn't actually a good thing, but I barely ever get my haircut. Most hairdressers recommend haircuts around every 6-8 weeks, so they would probably cringe finding out that I probably only get my hair cut around three times a year. It's not that my hair is in bad condition, in fact it is actually in quite good condition, but I just get my haircut as and when I need it, which is usually not that often, but I know that this will be different for everyone.

Other Tips
I would recommend drinking lots of water, because this helps your blood flow, which will also help with hair growth. You should also ensure that you have a generally healthy diet and have a variety of vitamins and minerals. Sometimes if you are missing certain vitamins or minerals, it can lead to hair loss, which is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

As far as dyed hair goes, I cannot really give advice because I have never permanently dyed my hair, but I don't thing it would become a problem, unless you are dying it very frequently, but again this would depend on your hair type.

The most important thing is patience. My hair took between two and three years to get it to the length I wanted it. If this is too long for you to wait, there are always hair extensions.

I hope that this is helpful, to anyone trying to grow out their hair. If you have any questions or other tips, please leave a comment below.



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For the past few months I have been so busy revising and doing my exams, that I have barely had anytime for blogging. I know that I have had blog posts going up every so often, but I wrote loads in advance back in February, so although it doesn't seem like it, it feels like forever since I have been blogging and I miss it so much.

I have now finished my exams and school, and have an 11 week break ahead of me, where I don't really have many plans. I am really looking forward to spending a lot more time blogging and focusing on writing better content and posting a lot more often.

I also want to say thank you because, even whilst I have been away my blog has been gaining a lot more followers and I have now reached 450 on Bloglovin' (feel free to follow me there). I am looking forward to dedicating a lot more time to my blog and I hope that you will all enjoy the posts I have planned for the next few months.


MAC Prep and Prime Loose Powder Review

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Back at the beginning of December I had a makeup lesson at MAC and this was one of the products that I bought whilst I was there.

My skin is not too oily, but my nose does get shiny quite often, so a good powder is essential to me. I really love this powder and have been using it almost everyday. It looks a bit scary in the packaging, because it is purple. It comes out translucent but is also 'colour correcting' and leaves you with a more even skin tone. 

It is one of the best lasting powders that I have ever used and controls shine for almost the whole day. It is very lightweight and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It doesn't appear cakey at all on the skin and I am pretty sure I will be repurchasing this product over and over again. I cannot recommend it enough.

Let me know if you have tried this and what you think of it if you have.

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