Urban Decay Naked Palette Review


I know that I am super late to jump onto the Naked Palette bandwagon, as they have been loved for quite a few years now. At just shy of £40 each, I couldn't justify buying it myself. However, when I received it for my birthday this year, I was very excited.

It definitely does live up to the hype. It contains 12 neutral eyeshadows, which are (in order), Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gun Metal. They are all colours which I love and use. My favourite colours are Sin, Hustle and Virgin and you can quite easily create a look out of just these three colours. 

The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is great and they have quite a similar formula to MAC eyeshadows. They last a lot longer than most other eyeshadows that I have tried and are also very easy to blend.

The palette has a velvet texture (that likes to pick up as much product as it can). It is also magnetic which means that it stays closed and doesn't just swing open. It also comes with a double ended brush, which is good quality and I actually use, unlike most that come in palettes.

The palette also came with four samples of Urban Decay's Primer Potion and I have been loving using them. Each sample lasts for about a week because you barely need any for great results. It improves the pigmentation of the eyeshadows a lot and makes them last for so much longer.

Let me know what you think of this palette, if you have it and also what you think of the Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes.


Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturiser Review

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I mentioned this product in my 2014 Favourites post, but realised that I haven't given a full review on this product.

If you haven't read my 2014 Favourites, I will give you the story.
Back in February 2013, I went to London Fashion Week and as we were leaving, we were given goodie bags. One of the products in the goodie bag was a sample size of this moisturiser, which is suitable for 'Extra Dry Skin'. My skin was pretty dry and the time, so I gave it a go and fell in love with it. The sample size started to run out pretty quickly, so I looked online at where I could buy the full size and they cost around £8 plus postage. I held off buying it until my sample had completely finished, but I went to my local Tesco a couple of days later and found it in the sale section for £2.

This moisturiser is amazing at clearing up any dry skin, whether it is on your body or your face (mine was mainly on my face). It visibly clears and hydrates your face, with great results.

 It is not greasy at all and is absorbed quickly by your skin. It also goes of smoothly and softens your skin noticeably, even after just one use. I also love the smell of it.

If you have dry skin, I would definitely recommend this.


Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

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As you have probably heard me mention a lot, around Christmas time I bought one of Benefit's gift sets. Included in it was a sample sized Hoola Bronzer.

When I first started using this, I wasn't every sure on it because it seemed to give a very dark effect, when I was used to a more natural one. I use it often now and it doesn't seem that dark, so I'm not sure if I just had too much product on my brush.

I use this almost everyday and really love it. It is so great for contouring your cheek bones and gives a great matte effect and is not too dark brown or orange. It stays on all day and is also very easy to apply.

You don't need very much of this product when using it and it is easily build-able. I have been using this for about a month now and I have used barely any. This makes me think that the full size must last forever, which means it is well worth the money.

Have you tried this? What do you think of it?


NYC Individual Eyes Palette Review

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I am always looking for new eyeshadow palettes, so when I came across this from NYC a while ago, I had to try it out. It is an individual eyes palette and is especially designed with colours suitable for brown eyes (they also have different ones for different eye colours). 

It includes four different eyeshadows, a primer and an illuminator. The colours are designed for different parts of your eye and each have the instructions of what to do with them. 

It includes:
Shimmery Silver- for highlighting
Pale Brown- for all over the lid
Darker Brown- for the crease/contour
Shimmery Black- for the crease/contour
Cream Primer
Cream Illuminator
Double Ended Applicator Sponge

The pigmentation and lasting power of these eyeshadows are good and I think that the primer helps with both of these. It seems as if there is only one look that you can create with this palette, but it can be used in several different ways, to create different effects.

I really love the illuminator in this palette, and use it often even if I'm not using the eyeshadows in the palette. It is great for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and your brow bone.
I don't use the sponge applicator in this palette because I find that regular eye brushes are a lot easier, but it is better quality than you would usually find in a drugstore eyeshadow palette. 

Overall I really love this palette and would definitely recommend it if you have brown eyes, as the colours compliment each other well.

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