Real Techniques Nic's Picks Review

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I am a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes. I own so many of them and use them everyday. For my birthday back in January, my friends bought my the Nic's Picks Collection.

I will start of by saying that they look gorgeous. I love the fact that they are silver and they also have coloured writing on them. They are such good quality and are so soft on the skin. The set contained five different brushes, all of which I love using.

Duo Fibre Face Brush
This is the biggest brush in the set. It is suitable for foundation, powder, bronzer or blusher. I have been using it for bronzer recently, as it leaves a naturally contoured finish.

Cheek Brush
This is definitely my favourite brush from this collection. I have been using it for foundation and it is great for blending it in and leaving an airbrushed effect.

Angled Shadow Brush
Instead of using this for eyeshadow, I have found it a great brush to use for concealer. It is perfect for blending concealer under your eyes and up near the inner corners of your eyes.

Base Shadow Brush
I already own this brush from another collection, but I love having two because it means I can use them for different colours, without having to wash them so often. It is a great brush for blending eyeshadows and I would recommend it a lot.

Eyeliner Brush
This brush is so tiny and I always find it hard to find in my pot of makeup brushes. It is great to use for both eyebrows and eyeliner because it can be used for small details.

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