Dry Lip Saviours


Whether it is the cold weather or overusing matte lipsticks, my lips get dry so easily. There are certain products that I love, to help them.

Lip Scrubs are great for removing dry or dead skin and leaving your lips moisturised. I like using the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, and I also recently made one which you can look at here. 

Vaseline is an old classic, but sometimes this can be a bit boring. So, instead I like to use the pink Rosy Lips Vaseline. It smells a lot nicer than the normal one and it also gives your lips a pink tint.

Lipbalms are usually the most popular way of helping dry lips. They are so handy and also very easy to apply and carry around with you. If your lips are really dry, I would recommend the Derma Intensive Plus Lip Balm. It is so moisturising and also can be applied under lipstick or lipgloss. I also love Babylips because they colour your lips whilst moisturising them at the same time. If you are looking for a lot of colour whilst moisturising your lips, I would recommend the Babylips Electro collection that you can read about here.

What are your dry lip saviours?


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