Rimmel Stay Matte Powder vs Collection Sheer Loose Powder


When I am doing my makeup, one of the most important steps for me is definitely powder.
Two of the powders that I have been using a lot recently are the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the Collection Sheer Loose Powder.

They are both drugstore powders and are very similarly priced. The Collection Powder is £2.50 and the Rimmel Powder is £2.99, so they're both extremely affordable.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder

This powder has quite good coverage, even though it is translucent and says on the back that it can either be used over the top of makeup or just on its own. So, if you are having a no makeup day but are looking a little bit shiny, this is a great powder to apply. I really like the packaging because it is very simple, but looks good.

It lasts for around 4-5 hours, which is pretty good considering the price. I sometimes find loose powders a bit messy. I find that it just gets everywhere. There is a sponge inside which helps to control it all from escaping out of the pot when you open it.

It reduces shine well and leaves a flawless finish. It is also very light on my skin and not too thick or cakey.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Along with most other people, this is my favourite powder. I use it almost everyday and have gone through so many pots of it in the past. An obvious difference is that this is a pressed powder. In many ways, I prefer pressed powders because they are easier to use and a lot less messy.

The lasting time for this is also around 4-5 hours. The coverage from this powder isn't as good as the loose powder, but it comes in six different shades. This is also soft and light on my skin, but I find that if you apply to much it can appear quite cakey. The packaging isn't great on this, as the writing rubs off very quickly and also the lids tend to break easily, but it doesn't bother me too much considering the price. Aside from that, I am in love with this powder. It reduces shine so easily and quickly and also covers pores very well.

My favourite of the two, is the Rimmel Powder but the Collection Powder is definitely not far behind.

Have you tried either of these?


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  1. I love the Stay Matte Powder, I use it all the time. I recently bought a matte one from Seventeen, it`s not bad either, but from your review I think I would like to try the Collection one as well.


    1. It's definitely worth trying and it is so well priced x

  2. I use the Rimmel Powder almost everyday too! It's great quality for the price you pay!

    megan xxx

  3. I never tried this product but I'm curious!

  4. I love the Rimmel Powder, I can't believe how well it works for the price! I also really like the NYX HD Powder but it's a bit harder to get hold of. x


    1. I might try that out if I can find it, thanks for the recommendation x


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