Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

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I recently picked up four of the the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks and I have very mixed reviews about them.

I will start off by saying that they cost £1 each so I wasn't expecting incredible results, but they are good for the price. They are the same price as the MUA Lipsticks, but are definitely better.

I really love the packaging of the lipstick, as they have the colour of lipstick on the end of the packaging. This makes it very easy when you are picking them out. Although on one of them, the packaging has broken a bit.

The four colours that I bought are:
The One

I think that the formula of some of them is different to others because some of them glide on very easily whereas others are more dry, and are harder to apply. Also the pigmentation is better in some than in others. Some are a little oily and greasy and this means that the coverage isn't great.

This is by far my favourite shade. It is quite a natural pink with some orangey tones to it. This is one of the two with the formula that I like because it is not super dry but also not too oily or greasy.

This is anther colour that I really love. It is more of a hot pink, so it is obviously less of a natural colour. I like the combination of 'Dazzle' and 'Lucious'. It is also the other lipstick with the formula that I like a lot.

I am not a fan of this lipstick or the formula. It is so dry and actually sometimes starts to hurt when you put it on because it is so hard to apply. As for the colour, I don't really like it as it is almost pale brown.

The One
This nude also doesn't have a great formula either, but it is more towards the other extreme. It is very oily and greasy which means the colour or pigmentation, doesn't show up great. This is a nicer colour though, as it has a slight purple undertone.

As for the lasting power, I would say on average they last for 1-2 hours, which sounds awful but when you think about the price it is not that bad.

Have you tried these out?


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1 comment:

  1. this is a really good review! I love the colour of the first lipstick too! xxx


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