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I have recently started trying out some MAC products. Unless you have a rather large budget, it is not the kind of place where you can just pick up anything and everything that you like the look of. So, I thought that I would make a wish list instead.

1.  Prep and Prime Lash - £13
I have never tried a lash primer before, but as I wasn't blessed with long eyelashes, I think it is worth giving one a go. I have been hesitant before because I am worried about my lashes looking white and the primer being visible through the mascara. This says that it is white but dries to a semi-clear base, which is reassuring. It also says that it helps mascara to last long and I am all for that.

2. Pro Longwear Concealer - £17
I have tried a few high end concealers, but I don't think that I have ever tried a liquid one. It is a bit different to most concealers because instead of having an applicator, it is one that you pump out. This is medium to full coverage, so it is good for both your under eyes and blemishes. It also claims to last for 15 hours and if it does that would be amazing.

3. Eye Brows - £13.50
When I had my makeup lesson at MAC, just over a month ago, the makeup artist used this on my eyebrows and I loved it. I meant to buy it after woulds, but got caught up in all of the excitement and forgot it. It has a very thin applicator, meaning that it makes your brows look full but still natural. 

4. Pro Longwear Foundation- £25
I constantly hear and see recommendations about this foundation and really makes me want to try it out. It is on the higher end of foundations, but I don't think £25 is too expensive. Along with the concealer, this is supposed to last for 15 hours and it also said to be light and creamy.

5. Lip Pencil (Naked Liner) - £12.50
I love wearing lipsticks, but I don't own too many lipliners. MAC lipliners are constantly raved about, so I would love to try one out. I think that this nude would be a lovely colour, for a natural look and would be also be good to fill in your lips.

6. Prabal Gurung Lipstick - £20
I have never seen this lipstick before, but I'm sure can guess why I was instantly drawn to it. THE GOLD PACKAGING! Can we just discuss how amazing it looks?! I also love the pinky shade and definitely looks like a colour that I would fall in love with.

7.  286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush - £23
I have tried a few different MAC brushes before, some for face and some for eyes. I love the look of this as a blending brush, and I hear recommendations about it very often. The only thing that puts me off of buying a million MAC brushes is the price. Are they really worth £23 each??

8. Lipstick (Brave) - £15.50
Again, recently I tried my first MAC lipstick and I really love it. The finish is soft and creamy and both the lasting power and pigmentation are great. The colour Brave is rated pretty highly, by a lot of people and I can just tell that I would love it.

9. Brow Set - £13.50
Yep, another brow product. I have tried brow gels out before, but never a coloured one. I think that it will just add to the overall colour and shaping of the brow, as well as taming stray hairs. It comes in either a brown or clear formula.

If you have tried any of these before, let me know what you think of them and also if you have any other MAC recommendations.

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  1. Mac pro longwear concealer is so good!

  2. I really want the concealer and foundation too! Oh MAC why must you be so expensive for my poor empty bank balance?
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  3. I haven't used MAC in a long time. I loved it when I was younger. That lipstick shade is so pretty!

  4. I really want to try some of these products out now! My mac wishlist is getting longer and longer but sometimes I really can't justify the price :(
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

  5. That Prabal Gurung lipstick looks insane. It's so tempting to go purchase this now, uh oh! Loved reading this... even it does make me want too spend money that I don't have!!

    Chlo xx

  6. you got all of my most favorite MAC products on your list. I can't live without my pro longwear concealer!

    Giselle | Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams


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