How to Deal With Bloggers Block


When you are writing lots of blog posts, it's normal to run out of ideas. It happens to me all the time. When I am struggling with bloggers block there are a few things which I do, in order to help me come up with new ideas.

The first thing I do is look through some of the old posts that I have written in the past and see if I can get any inspiration from them. Also, looking through some of my most popular post helps me to see what you guys enjoy reading. I will decide what kind of post I want to write (e.g. reviews, DIYs, hauls, etc...) and then go from there.

Another thing that I like to do is look through other beauty blogs and see some of the posts they have written. I obviously don't copy an idea or the content, but I find it a great way to get ideas or inspiration.

If you think about a season/ holiday/ event that is coming up, that is also a great place to start from. For example, if it is coming up to Halloween, you could look into DIY decorations or baking that you could write posts about for that time of the year. Also, if you are almost at the beginning of a new season, you could do a post looking through popular fashion trends for the upcoming months.

Sometimes you have an idea, but you are not sure exactly what you want to do. For example, you might know that you want to review a product but not have a clue what to review. When I am having this problem, I will sit and look through products that I have been loving or that I have bought recently. I will then brainstorm all of the things I like/ dislike about it, in a notepad because I've usually forgotten everything I planned to write when I come around to writing the post.

If I still have no ideas at this point, I will maybe look around shops online and see any new products that are set to be released soon. Another type of post I love writing are wishlists. I spend most of my life scrolling through shop websites, so why not share it with everyone else?

Sometimes you have to accept that you have no new ideas at the moment. You will think of something at some point soon, probably when you are not expecting to. Sometimes it is better to takes a few days break, rather than uploading content that you are not happy with or that you don't enjoy writing.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any other tips please leave them in a comment.


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  1. First of all if that is a hot chocolate I want get me some of that 😍 I try look forward for posts rather than back, maybe I need to look back on some old posts to see if I can get some more inspo! Great idea ❤️
    Rebecca xxx

  2. I guess it works to look forward and back, glad you like the look of the hot chocolate <3 xx

  3. I get bloggers block a lot... some weeks I have no idea what to write about! thankfully I started using a notebook and writing down ideas inside... there are random times where I have a bunch of post ideas that pop in my head so I try to write them all down before I forget. then when I get bloggers block I have a little read through the notebook... it's very helpful :D


  4. Great idea :) I just started a blog, and I'm full of ideas... I've got to the point I've started writing them down haha :) so this will be a great things to fall back on x


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