MAC Dark Side Lipstick Review


When I had my MAC makeup lesson a couple of months ago, one of things that I bought was the MAC Dark Side Lipstick. I spent ages in front of the million lipstick choices they have and I just couldn't decide. But, my Mum picked out this one and I don't think she could have picked better. 

It is very creamy, which means that it is easy to apply and it just glides onto your lips. However, it is not too oily or greasy. It is the first MAC lipstick that I have tried, so I don't know how the formula compares to the others, but I guess it is very similar.

The pigmentation is amazing and I am in love with the colour. I also think that it is a very good colour for the winter and I am loving wearing a darker colour, as it is something I don't usually do.

Usually when I apply it, I use an eyebrow brush and line my lips, as I don't have a lip liner in a similar colour. Also, if I don't want the colour to look too dark, I will take the same brush and just blend it out a little.

The lasting power of the lipstick is great and stays on for about 4-5 hours. It only really wears off, if you are eating or drinking, so I just reapply after doing so.

Have you tried this out? What is your favourite lipstick?


Makeup Revolution Lipstick Review

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I recently picked up four of the the Makeup Revolution Lipsticks and I have very mixed reviews about them.

I will start off by saying that they cost £1 each so I wasn't expecting incredible results, but they are good for the price. They are the same price as the MUA Lipsticks, but are definitely better.

I really love the packaging of the lipstick, as they have the colour of lipstick on the end of the packaging. This makes it very easy when you are picking them out. Although on one of them, the packaging has broken a bit.

The four colours that I bought are:
The One

I think that the formula of some of them is different to others because some of them glide on very easily whereas others are more dry, and are harder to apply. Also the pigmentation is better in some than in others. Some are a little oily and greasy and this means that the coverage isn't great.

This is by far my favourite shade. It is quite a natural pink with some orangey tones to it. This is one of the two with the formula that I like because it is not super dry but also not too oily or greasy.

This is anther colour that I really love. It is more of a hot pink, so it is obviously less of a natural colour. I like the combination of 'Dazzle' and 'Lucious'. It is also the other lipstick with the formula that I like a lot.

I am not a fan of this lipstick or the formula. It is so dry and actually sometimes starts to hurt when you put it on because it is so hard to apply. As for the colour, I don't really like it as it is almost pale brown.

The One
This nude also doesn't have a great formula either, but it is more towards the other extreme. It is very oily and greasy which means the colour or pigmentation, doesn't show up great. This is a nicer colour though, as it has a slight purple undertone.

As for the lasting power, I would say on average they last for 1-2 hours, which sounds awful but when you think about the price it is not that bad.

Have you tried these out?



Budget Superdrug Face Masks


I like to pamper my skin, but when doing so I don't want to end up spending loads of money. A while ago I came across Superdrug's Face Masks. At £2.59 each, they are so affordable, but still really great.

I have three of the face masks. These are the:
Aloe Vera Mud Mask
Dead Sea Mud Mask
Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

All of them help to make my skin feel a lot more soft and clear, but all in different ways.

Aloe Vera Mud Mask
This is a Mud Mask that says it is 'De-Stressing', which is suitable for Normal to Combination Skin and says that it leaves 'a soft radiant complexion'. The smell is very strong and I'm not crazy about it, but once it is on your face, you don't really notice it anymore. This leaves my skin feeling very clear, soft and glowing. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask
This is a 'De-Toxifying' Mud Mask, which is suitable for Normal to Oily Skin. It says that it leaves 'a smooth invigorated complexion'. The smell of this isn't super duper strong, but it does smell really nice. This also leaves my skin feeling smooth and very clear. After using it, I really feel like my pores and my skin feel clean and fresh.

Cucumber Peel-Off Mask
This is a 'Refreshing' Peel-Off Mask that is suitable for All Skin Types. This is the first face mask that I bought in the collection. It claims to leave 'a fresh, vibrant complexion', which it definitely does. It does not have a strong smell like the others, but when it's on, it sometimes makes my eyes water because it is very fresh. I find peel-off masks easiest because you don't have to worry about washing them off and making a mess.

All of the masks, stay on for 10-15 minutes before they have properly dried. Superdrug recommend that they should be used 2-3 times a week, but at the moment I only use it around once a week.

If you have tried these before let me know what you think of them.


How to Stay Organised with Blogging

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Back in August last year, I wrote a post about being more organised, but that was based around going back to school. So, I thought I would write another one, but instead about staying organised when it comes to blogging. Here are some of my tips.

Plan Posts in Advance
I always feel so much more organised when I have posts planned in advance because I have an idea of what I am writing about in the near future. I have a notepad, which I keep all of my ideas and plans in and it just makes everything so much easier. It also means that I don't come to write a post, with no ideas.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind
Is it just me or do you find it so much easier to work in a tidy space? Whether it's homework, revising, blogging or just getting organised, I cannot do it with a messy room. Don't get me wrong, I'm not super tidy. My room is a mess about 95% of the time, but when I'm trying to get stuff done, the mess has to be cleared up.

Take Photos in Bulk
I went through a phase where I did this a lot and I really need to get back into it because it is so helpful. If you have a weeks worth of posts planned, for example, you can take all of the necessary photos for them at the beginning of the week. It means that you don't have to wait for good lighting and you can just make the most of it in one big session.

Stick to a Schedule
This is definitely an important thing to do if you want to stay organised. I try to post 3 times every week and that is usually on a Tuesday, a Thursday and a Sunday (even though it is a bit different this week).  It means that you can keep track of how often your content is being uploaded and I find that it spreads posts out nice and evenly.

Write Posts in Advance
This is probably my favourite tip. I write a lot of posts in advance, whether that is a day, a week or a couple of weeks. The reason that I do this, is usually because of school. As I am in my last year at high school, I have exams being thrown at me left, right and centre. As much as I love blogging, when I have exams to revise for I don't want to have to worry about not uploading posts. So, I will usually write a few in advance and then publish them on the scheduled day.

If you have any other helpful tips, please leave a comment.


Favourite Shows on Netflix

I am the biggest fan of Netflix and I am constantly on it watching something. I love the movies, but my favourite thing about it is the TV Shows. Most of them are American Shows that we don't get in the UK and this is the best place to watch the whole thing (all seasons) in one go.

Here are some of my favourites.

This show is a spinoff from another show called 'Beverly Hills 90210' which I haven't watched before. It is a great show with loads of episodes over many years. I love the way the characters all develop and change so much from the first episode to the last. It covers a lot of subjects such as teen pregnancy, drug addiction, adoption and so much more. I would really recommend it.

The Inbetweeners
Especially if you are from the UK, The Inbetweeners is something that everybody loves. There are two movies out, but I love the episodes. If you are looking for something to laugh at, this is perfect and it is absolutely HILARIOUS! 

10 Things I Hate About You
This is no longer on Netflix but is something that I loved. There is a movie version (which came first) that has now replaced it on Netflix. I loved this show a lot, is was very funny and a light hearted programme to watch. It was cancelled after one season though, which was annoying, but I definitely recommend you watch it.

The Vampire Diaries
This is the show that I am watching at the moment and I am obsessed with. It is quite dark and so much happens that if you look away for 5 minutes, you end up being very confused. Every episode is exciting and is left on a cliff hanger and with a show that includes Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, you can't go wrong.

Gossip Girl
This is by far, my favourite ever Netflix show. I literally cannot say enough good  things about it. All of the characters are great, every episode is exciting and I watched all 6 seasons so quickly. If you watch one thing on Netflix, it should be Gossip Girl.

What are you favourite shows? Do you like any of these?


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My Birthday Meal Makeup


My birthday is on Tuesday, so last night, I went out for dinner with my friends. I thought it would be a nice idea, to share my makeup look with all of you.

To start off, I applied some of the Benefit Porefessional, mainly around my nose area and just rubbed it in with my fingers. Then I applied the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in the colour 100 Ivory and I blended it in with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I then just put some of the Benefit Boiing Concealer under my eyes and around my nose and blended it in with my fingers.

The next thing that I did was powder my face with the MAC Prep and Prime Colour Correcting Loose Powder, using the 'I on Beauty Powder Brush'. Then I applied some of the Rimmel Natural Bronzer under my cheek bones with a Real Techniques Contour Brush. The last thing I did to my face was add some of the MAC Powder Blush in the colour Fleur Power to my cheeks, with a MAC 187 Brush.

Next thing is eyebrows. I used the Sleek Eyebrow Stylist in the colour Medium. Afterwards, I primed my eyes and then used a couple of colours from my MAC Cool Neutrals Palette. I used the colour 'Hey' all over my lid and then blended 'Divine Decadence' into the crease. Then I took my Benefit They're Real Liner, just along my lash line, very thinly. The next thing I did was apply a tiny bit of the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. 

For lipstick I used MAC Dark Side. I lined my lips by taking some of the lipstick on an 'I on Beauty Angled Shaddow Brush' and taking it round the edges of my lips. I then filled that in with the lipstick straight from the bullet. As the lipstick is quite dark, I took the same brush and blended it out a little. 

To finish off I added some false lashes. I am only 15 and have never really used them before, but not too long ago I was in Superdrug and the Tanya Burr 'Bambi Eyes' Lashes were on offer, so I thought that I would pick some up. I have to say they are so easy to apply and look extremely natural (otherwise you would never catch me wearing them). So, to finish of the look I just added the lashes and voila, I was complete.

What are some of your makeup essentials when you go out for dinner?


MAC Wishlist


I have recently started trying out some MAC products. Unless you have a rather large budget, it is not the kind of place where you can just pick up anything and everything that you like the look of. So, I thought that I would make a wish list instead.

1.  Prep and Prime Lash - £13
I have never tried a lash primer before, but as I wasn't blessed with long eyelashes, I think it is worth giving one a go. I have been hesitant before because I am worried about my lashes looking white and the primer being visible through the mascara. This says that it is white but dries to a semi-clear base, which is reassuring. It also says that it helps mascara to last long and I am all for that.

2. Pro Longwear Concealer - £17
I have tried a few high end concealers, but I don't think that I have ever tried a liquid one. It is a bit different to most concealers because instead of having an applicator, it is one that you pump out. This is medium to full coverage, so it is good for both your under eyes and blemishes. It also claims to last for 15 hours and if it does that would be amazing.

3. Eye Brows - £13.50
When I had my makeup lesson at MAC, just over a month ago, the makeup artist used this on my eyebrows and I loved it. I meant to buy it after woulds, but got caught up in all of the excitement and forgot it. It has a very thin applicator, meaning that it makes your brows look full but still natural. 

4. Pro Longwear Foundation- £25
I constantly hear and see recommendations about this foundation and really makes me want to try it out. It is on the higher end of foundations, but I don't think £25 is too expensive. Along with the concealer, this is supposed to last for 15 hours and it also said to be light and creamy.

5. Lip Pencil (Naked Liner) - £12.50
I love wearing lipsticks, but I don't own too many lipliners. MAC lipliners are constantly raved about, so I would love to try one out. I think that this nude would be a lovely colour, for a natural look and would be also be good to fill in your lips.

6. Prabal Gurung Lipstick - £20
I have never seen this lipstick before, but I'm sure can guess why I was instantly drawn to it. THE GOLD PACKAGING! Can we just discuss how amazing it looks?! I also love the pinky shade and definitely looks like a colour that I would fall in love with.

7.  286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush - £23
I have tried a few different MAC brushes before, some for face and some for eyes. I love the look of this as a blending brush, and I hear recommendations about it very often. The only thing that puts me off of buying a million MAC brushes is the price. Are they really worth £23 each??

8. Lipstick (Brave) - £15.50
Again, recently I tried my first MAC lipstick and I really love it. The finish is soft and creamy and both the lasting power and pigmentation are great. The colour Brave is rated pretty highly, by a lot of people and I can just tell that I would love it.

9. Brow Set - £13.50
Yep, another brow product. I have tried brow gels out before, but never a coloured one. I think that it will just add to the overall colour and shaping of the brow, as well as taming stray hairs. It comes in either a brown or clear formula.

If you have tried any of these before, let me know what you think of them and also if you have any other MAC recommendations.


Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream Review


When I first bought this BB Cream, I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from it. It claims to be an '8-in-1 BB Cream', saying that it:

1. Conceals Imperfections
2. Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes
3. Oil-free, non-greasy
4. Minimises the appearance of pores
5. Clarifies the skin's look
6. Conceals redness
7. Hydrates and smoothes
8. Compliments skin tone

These are pretty big claims for one product, which only cost £6.99. But I do have to say that it does meet most of them. I'm not sure that it minimises the appearance of pores particularly well, but this doesn't matter if you use something like Baby Skin or Porefessional underneath, or powder over the top. But, otherwise, I love it.

I got it in the Shade Light (shoutout to the pale people) and it is 'For Oily Skin'. It definitely makes me a lot more matte and prevents oils from reaching the surface of my skin, meaning that not as much powder is needed. 

It has SPF 15, meaning that it will protect your skin from the sun. It is perfect is you live in a hot country or if you are on holiday, and you don't want to bother with a full face of makeup, but just want a bit of coverage.

I didn't buy BB Cream for a while, because I thought that the coverage would be rubbish and that all of my redness and blemishes would be exposed. However, the coverage is actually really great and it doesn't take much of the product to get these results. I have had this tube since August and it is lasting extremely well, bearing in mind how often I use it. On days, where my skin needs a bit more coverage, I will mix some of the BB Cream with foundation and it gives amazing results.

I can see a difference when I have used this BB Cream, as my skin feels a lot more fresh and clear. It also leaves my face feeling very moisturised and hydrated. Part of the reason for the clear skin it leaves, is because it contains 2% Salicylic Acid, which I found out is a good treatment for acne. It is so light on the skin and just feels like you have put moisturiser on. Also, it sinks into the skin very well and is  easy to blend in (I usually just use my hands).

If you have tried this out, let me know what you think of it and also let me know if you have any other recommendations for different BB Creams.



Benefit Porefessional First Impressions


If you saw my post about the Benefit Gift Set that I recently bought, you will know that it included a mini size of Porefessional. I had never tried this before, but had always wanted to, so I was very pleased that it came in the Gift Set.

I haven't been using this products for long, maybe 3 or 4 weeks, but so far I have noticed a big difference. It makes my skin so much softer and smoother and makeup is easy to apply over it. It has definitely improved the lasting power of my foundation, as well as making pores a lot less visible.

I have always been unsure about buying this because it does seem a lot of money for a primer, but after trying it out, I have realised that it is definitely worth it. Another thing that worried me, is that I would spend the money on it and then it would run out very quickly. After using this for a few weeks, there is still loads left, even though it is very small and only contains 7.5ml of the product. A little amount of this primer goes a long way, which is one of the reasons it lasts for a long time.

Also, as it is a coloured primer, you can use it alone if you are having a minimal make up day. I love the fact that it is tinted (unlike a lot of other primers, such as Maybelline Baby Skin) because it brings some subtle colour to your face.

When applying the product, it feels unbelievably silky and makes my skin feel so much more hydrated and fresh. One of the things that I love about it, is that it does not appear oily or greasy, in the way that many other primers do. This is especially good for me because the place I get most oily is my nose and obviously that is where most of my pores are, but the product doesn't increase the appearance of oily skin at all.

I really love the packaging because even though it is just a sample size, it still looks like the packaging of the normal size tube, which is something that some companies fail to do with their samples. Finally, I have heard a lot of people say that they don't like the smell of the product, but I think it smells fine.

Have you tried this before? What did you think of it?


How to Deal With Bloggers Block


When you are writing lots of blog posts, it's normal to run out of ideas. It happens to me all the time. When I am struggling with bloggers block there are a few things which I do, in order to help me come up with new ideas.

The first thing I do is look through some of the old posts that I have written in the past and see if I can get any inspiration from them. Also, looking through some of my most popular post helps me to see what you guys enjoy reading. I will decide what kind of post I want to write (e.g. reviews, DIYs, hauls, etc...) and then go from there.

Another thing that I like to do is look through other beauty blogs and see some of the posts they have written. I obviously don't copy an idea or the content, but I find it a great way to get ideas or inspiration.

If you think about a season/ holiday/ event that is coming up, that is also a great place to start from. For example, if it is coming up to Halloween, you could look into DIY decorations or baking that you could write posts about for that time of the year. Also, if you are almost at the beginning of a new season, you could do a post looking through popular fashion trends for the upcoming months.

Sometimes you have an idea, but you are not sure exactly what you want to do. For example, you might know that you want to review a product but not have a clue what to review. When I am having this problem, I will sit and look through products that I have been loving or that I have bought recently. I will then brainstorm all of the things I like/ dislike about it, in a notepad because I've usually forgotten everything I planned to write when I come around to writing the post.

If I still have no ideas at this point, I will maybe look around shops online and see any new products that are set to be released soon. Another type of post I love writing are wishlists. I spend most of my life scrolling through shop websites, so why not share it with everyone else?

Sometimes you have to accept that you have no new ideas at the moment. You will think of something at some point soon, probably when you are not expecting to. Sometimes it is better to takes a few days break, rather than uploading content that you are not happy with or that you don't enjoy writing.

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any other tips please leave them in a comment.



Rimmel Stay Matte Powder vs Collection Sheer Loose Powder


When I am doing my makeup, one of the most important steps for me is definitely powder.
Two of the powders that I have been using a lot recently are the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and the Collection Sheer Loose Powder.

They are both drugstore powders and are very similarly priced. The Collection Powder is £2.50 and the Rimmel Powder is £2.99, so they're both extremely affordable.

Collection Sheer Loose Powder

This powder has quite good coverage, even though it is translucent and says on the back that it can either be used over the top of makeup or just on its own. So, if you are having a no makeup day but are looking a little bit shiny, this is a great powder to apply. I really like the packaging because it is very simple, but looks good.

It lasts for around 4-5 hours, which is pretty good considering the price. I sometimes find loose powders a bit messy. I find that it just gets everywhere. There is a sponge inside which helps to control it all from escaping out of the pot when you open it.

It reduces shine well and leaves a flawless finish. It is also very light on my skin and not too thick or cakey.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Along with most other people, this is my favourite powder. I use it almost everyday and have gone through so many pots of it in the past. An obvious difference is that this is a pressed powder. In many ways, I prefer pressed powders because they are easier to use and a lot less messy.

The lasting time for this is also around 4-5 hours. The coverage from this powder isn't as good as the loose powder, but it comes in six different shades. This is also soft and light on my skin, but I find that if you apply to much it can appear quite cakey. The packaging isn't great on this, as the writing rubs off very quickly and also the lids tend to break easily, but it doesn't bother me too much considering the price. Aside from that, I am in love with this powder. It reduces shine so easily and quickly and also covers pores very well.

My favourite of the two, is the Rimmel Powder but the Collection Powder is definitely not far behind.

Have you tried either of these?



Products I Want to Try in 2015

Whilst there are many products that I have tried and love, there is so much more makeup that I want to try out.

Here are some of the products that I want to try in 2015. They are not new releases, just things I have never owned or used before.

1. Topshop Lipsticks
As much as I love Topshop, I have never tried their lipsticks. Everyone raves about them and I want to see what the hype is about. There are so many different colours to choose from and all of them look so nice.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette
This must be one of the highest rated palettes of all time, but I still haven't tried it. This is definitely the one thing that I would like to try the most this year. Every colour in the palette looks gorgeous.

3. Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm
Another lip product that I want to try out and again these come in many different colours. Matte lipsticks look so neat, but also usually a lot more bold and pigmented, which I love.

4. Nars Sheerglow Foundation
This foundation is another product that is consistently raved about and I would love to try. It is more on the pricier side of foundations, which is why I have hesitated to buy it in the past. The fact that it is available in 20 shades, means that it will hopefully be easy to find a perfect match for my skin colour.

5. Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil
I love the look of this brow pencil because it includes two different sized ends. It is also only about £10, so it is quite affordable.

What products do you want to try this year? Have you tried any of these ones?


All pictures are from the brand's website

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

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HAPPY 2015!! I can't believe that 2014 has been and gone so quickly. I find the end of the year a good time to think about what changes I want to make next year and what goals I want to achieve. It is also a good time to look back at what goals I made last year and decide whether I have met them or not.

One of the New Year Resolutions that I set last year was to try to read everyday. I have always enjoyed reading, but always seem to find an excuse not to or just not make the time for it. However, I am proud to say that I did read everyday in 2014. It wasn't the 30 minutes everyday that I hoped for, but most days it was. Knowing that I can fit time to read into even the busiest of days had made me think about what more I can achieve if I organise my time properly.

For 2015, I have also set some resolutions. Of course, I have the obvious one like most other people, which are to eat more healthily and workout more (we will see how long that lasts).

With all my exams coming up in May/ June, this year my goal is to really work hard and try to do the best that I can to achieve good grades. This links in with my review of last years goals because the better I manage my time, the more work and revision I can get done.

I also have goals to improve this blog. I want to write posts more often, but also make better quality posts. I would also like to improve my photography and find good backgrounds for photos.

What are some of the goals you have set for this year?

I hope you all had a great 2014 and have an even better 2015!!

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