Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes || Blogmas Day 16

I love painting my nails and finding new formulas or colours.
During the winter, I don't have a certain colour scheme that I stick to on my nails, but I usually wear colours that I would associate with this time of year.
Here are my Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes for this year.
1. Barry M Nail Paint- 303 Bright Purple
2. Nails Inc London- Kensington Palace (Part of a set)
3. Seventeen Nail Colour- Navy Glint
4. Barry M Silk- 403 Mist
5. Nails Inc- Vodaphone

I love Barry M nail polishes because they are great quality but still budget friendly. The purple is a very vibrant colour. They don't last for record breaking amounts of time but they stay on for quite a while, bearing in mind the price. The formula is also great, making it easy to apply and meaning that only one or two coats are needed. The Silk Nail Polish is amazing and actually does have a silky texture and finish. However the purple is running out so it is becoming at bit thick and gloopy.
Last Christmas, I got a set of about 9 different Seventeen Nail Polishes, of various colours. The lasting power isn't fantastic, but it is so easy to apply and fast drying that I don't mind repainting them more often. The blue-glittery colour is perfect for Christmas parties.
Two of my Top 5 are Nails Inc. I love the formula of their polishes and the lasting power is great. They are a little bit more pricey than the others on my list, but still not too bad at around £11 a bottle. The stoney purple colour is a mini one, which I think either came in a set or as a free addition with another purchase. The Vodaphone Red is such an amazing colour. I got it free at 2013's London Fashion Week, as my Mum is a Vodaphone customer. I am not sure if this is still available or whether it was limited addition, but it is by far my favourite of all these 5 nail polishes.
What are you favourite nail polishes this winter?

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  1. These look amazing! Essie nail polishes are probably my absolute faves :D

    Jade x ♡

  2. I like the purple one!

  3. I love these winter colors!


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