Natural Glow Palette Review || Blogmas Day 21

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I bought the Barry M Natural Glow Palette a few months ago and so far, I have got a lot of use out of it. It includes six different eyeshaddows, which are mixtures of shimmery and matte shades and also a blusher, which I haven't really used yet.

I really love the packaging of this palette and the colours. It is extremely light weight and pretty small and thin, which means that it can be easily transported around. The price was also very good, as it only costs around £7. Inside the palette there is a decent sized mirror, which is good quality, unlike some of the rubbish ones you sometimes get. It also includes two sponge applicators that I haven't used at all, just because I find it easier to use normal brushes.

There is more than one type of this palette, and they all have different colour themes. I just went for the neutral one because it's the one I am most likely to use. Although the colours are all neutral, there are still a range, meaning that many different looks can be created using just this palette. The pigmentation of these eyshaddows are good, along with the amount of time they stay on for.

My favourite colours in this palette are probably the matte brown and the dark shimmery brown, which are both shades that I often blend into the crease of my eye. The white looks really lovely in the palette, but when you apply it, it doesn't show up particularly well.

If you have tried this palette, let me know what you think of it.

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