Battle of the Blushers || Blogmas Day 20


There are a lot of Blushers that I love. During the winter, I tend to use them more to add a bit of rosiness and colour to my cheeks. I am going to compare a few blushers that I have been using recently. They are a mixture of drugstore and higher end blushers also, so the price varies.
The four different blushers are:
NARS- Deep Throat
MUA- Shade 4
MAC Powder Blush- Fleur Power
Maybelline Dream Touch Blush- Shade 06
The NARS blusher that I have is a mini. I seem to have so many mini products, but they are a great way to try products out without spending too much. I love the packaging of this product. It is the same packaging as the full sized version, but just smaller and still has a mirror inside. This is more of a high end product and the full sized product is around £21.50, depending on where you buy it from. As for colour, it is a very natural and subtle pink colour which is slightly shimmery, but you can't tell when you apply it. It is a great blusher to add a tiny bit of colour to your cheeks without it looking to bright. It has good lasting power with a nice formula.
The next blusher is from MUA. It is very cheap at only £1. When paying just £1 for a blusher, it is obviously not going to be perfect. I don't think that this is an awful product but it is not one that I would reach for if I had the choice. I keep this in my emergency make up kit, so I don't use it very often. It is a nice colour, but is quite dark so applying a lot of it is not a good idea. It is completely matte, which I prefer than shimmery because it looks a lot more natural. Sometimes, it appears quite cakey if you use too much at once. It doesn't last for great lengths of time, but it is the kind of product they I would use every once in a while.

MAC products are often know for their good quality and this blush does not disappoint. First of all, I really love the packaging because it is simple but still looks sleek and pretty. This cost £18, so it's at the higher end of the scale, but not as expensive as the NARS Blush. It is one that I use on a daily basis and really love. It is very natural but still brings a lot of colour to your face. Again this is matte, with no shimmer. It has a lovely formula and I love using it and the way it looks.
The final one is the Maybelline Dream Touch Blush, which is a bit different because it is a cream blush. I have had this for a while, but if I'm honest I still don't know what to think about it. It is not my favourite colour because it is quite dark, meaning that you have to use the tiniest amout to make it look natural. This also does mean, though, that the product will last for a long time. As it is a cream blush, it is also quite hard to blend out and can sometimes appear a little bit cakey. This is also pretty cheap at around £5. I am not in love with this but I don't mind using it every once in a while.
My favourite out of all of these is the MAC blush, as it is such good quality and has a lovely colour.
What is your favourite blush?
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  1. Nars deep thoart is so pretty!

  2. I totally agree! MAC blushers are the best I love the pigment and it really lasts for a long time.

    Thanks for sharing your favs - lovely post!



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