The Perfect Bits 'n' Bobs Jars

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I really enjoy finding things that help me organise the things that I own.
A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tesco (which is a supermarket in the UK) and I came across some little glass jars.
When I found them, I knew that they would be perfect for storing small Bits 'n' Bobs in my bedroom.

I bought 3 of the small jars, which were £1 each and one big jar, which was £2.
I use two of the small jars to store my hair bands and bobby pins. I currently don't know what to put in the third jar, so I have filled it with little tiny silver stars, which makes it look a bit christmassy.
In the large jar, I have stored some of the nail polishes that I use most often. I have found that it is a really good way of being able to see the different colours that you have, instead of wearing the same nail poilsh over and over again.
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