How To Build Up Your New Blog?


I started blogging this summer and I am so glad that I did.
I have always enjoyed reading blogs because you can learn other peoples honest opinions and I love how friendly the communty is. I am still pretty new to blogging but I have a few tips for you, if you have recently started a new blog.
As I've experienced, when you are starting out the main question you ask is 'how can I build up my blog?' I quickly learnt that this doesn't happen overnight, but there are many things that you can do to interest people in your posts.
Firstly, your content. This is the most important thing to work on because if people don't enjoy your conent, chances are they won't come back. It is also important to make sure that you check over your posts for mistakes before you publish them because this will put readers off.
Another thing that helps is making sure that your blog is easy to navigate around. If it runs smoothly, people are much more likely to read what you have to say. If it jumps around or is confusing to use, readers will most likely give up.
By commenting on other people's blogs, you will also help to get people to notice your blog. However, when commenting DO NOT just promote yourself and say things like 'follow for follow'. People will not appreciate this! I sometimes leave my blog's html link at the bottom of my comment, but only incase someone would like to know where they can find me and I only ever comment on posts that I am genuinely interested in.
 Make sure you are writing about what you want to and not what you think other people want to see. If you are really interested in something and you write about it, people will realise that.
Finally, have patience. Your blog is not likely to gain thousands of followers overnight. You just have to stay commited and not give up!
If you have any other tips, please leave comments because I would love to read them.


The Perfect Bits 'n' Bobs Jars

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I really enjoy finding things that help me organise the things that I own.
A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tesco (which is a supermarket in the UK) and I came across some little glass jars.
When I found them, I knew that they would be perfect for storing small Bits 'n' Bobs in my bedroom.

I bought 3 of the small jars, which were £1 each and one big jar, which was £2.
I use two of the small jars to store my hair bands and bobby pins. I currently don't know what to put in the third jar, so I have filled it with little tiny silver stars, which makes it look a bit christmassy.
In the large jar, I have stored some of the nail polishes that I use most often. I have found that it is a really good way of being able to see the different colours that you have, instead of wearing the same nail poilsh over and over again.

New Look Winter Wishlist

Sorry that it has been a while since I have posted anything. I have had a lot of exams at school and also I am having some troubles with my laptop, which makes it hard to blog.
Anyway, today I am going to share my New Look Winter Wishlist. I really enjoy reading and writing wishlists because it is an easy way to find out what is out in the shops without scrolling endlessly through websites.
So here is my wishlist:

What is on your wishlist this winter?


Making a Chocolate Mug Cake

A couple of months ago, I purchased Alfie Deyes' 'Pointless Book'. On one of the pages it has a Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe.

I love making and eating cake, so when one can be made easily and take only about 4 minutes to cook, I am all for it.

You will need:

4 tbsp Self-Raising Flour
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder 
4 tbsp Caster Sugar
3 tbsp Milk
1 Medium Egg
3 tbsp Vegetable/ Sunflower Oil
A Few Drops of Vanilla Essence
2 tbsp Chocolate Chips
1 Big Mug or 2 Small Mugs

I didn't have any chocolate chips, so instead I used fudge chunks, which worked really well.
The mug I used wasn't big enough to fit all of the ingredients in, so I used two instead.

First of all, you need to combine the flour, caster sugar and cocoa powder in the mug.

After that, you need to add the egg and dividing one egg between two mugs is a lot harder than you might think. Then mix it well.

Then add the milk, vegetable oil and vanilla essence. Mix this and once it is smooth, add the chocolate chips (or in my case fudge chunks).

Finally, you need to put it in the microwave for around 4-5 minutes, on the highest setting. Keep an eye to make sure it doesn't overflow.

Once it is finished in the microwave, it is ready to eat.

I love this recipe. It was delicious and so easy and I am definitely going to make it again.

Let me know if you have ever made this before or if you try it out.


London Borough Market and Tower of London Poppies

As I only live about an hour away from London, I get to go there quite often. 

Last Thursday we visited Borough Market, which is permanent food market. It was really lovely there. There were lots of different foods from all over the world. There was also a huge selection of fruit and vegetables, which made the market very colourful. For my lunch I had a BBQ Chicken wrap which was delicious and is included in the pictures below.

We also visited the poppies at the Tower of London which is incredible. It is known as 'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' and there are 888,246 handmade ceramic poppies planted in the moat of the tower. Each poppy represents a British military fatality during World War 1. 

I was also lucky enough to go up the Shard which is a skyscraper and has a total of 72 floors. It was so amazing to be able to see so much of London. The weather was a little bit hazy which meant that the view wasn't completely clear but we could still see a lot. 


October Favourites

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October has come and gone very fast, but that means that it is time for another monthly favourites. I didn't do my September Favourites, just because there weren't many new things that I had been loving but I have some new ones for October.

MAC Powder Blush- Fleur Power
I bought this a couple of months ago and included it in a Haul that I did a while ago. I have really been loving this blush and use it almost everyday. It is quite a bright pink but still appears very natural on your skin. It has good pigmentation and is a lot longer lasting than most other blushes. 

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
I had heard a lot of people rant about how good this mascara was for a long time, before I bought it myself. I like the formula of this mascara, although it is a little too wet. It lengthens your lashes a lot and gives them a lot of volume. It also keeps a curl in your lashes and lasts for pretty much the whole day, meaning that you never have to worry about redoing your mascara.

 Maybelline Colour Tattoo- On and On Bronze
The Maybelline Colour Tattoos are another products that I had heard so many good things about. I love using it and I have found that it is great to use for both formal and everyday makeup looks. It is great to use as a base to build on with other eyeshaddows, but it is also great to use by itself for a more natural look. The lasting power is really good and it is very pigmented.

Salted Caramel Yankee Candle
Not too long ago, I got a box of 12 tea light candles from the Yankee Candle shop. The Salted Caramel scent is delicious and it is perfect for this time of the year. Even though they are small tea light candles, they burn for a very long time and I have been using them a lot this month.

Let me know what your favourites have been this month.

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