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Who doesn't want to find a great product for a great price?

In the past I have had a love, hate relationship with MUA. I mostly love their products but I have used a few that I have not been a fan of.

So, when I saw that they were selling an eyeshaddow palette with 12 neutral shades for just £4, I wasn't sure if it would be very good. I put off buying it for a while, for no reason other than the fact I had a lot of other palettes and eyeshaddows that I wanted to try out. After coming across this again in Superdrug a couple of months ago, I decided to buy it.

This palette, of course, is the Undress Me Too Palette.

I instantly fell in love with it and it is hard to believe that it was so cheap. The palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmery shades. They are all neutral colours but some are metallic looking, which I love because it gives a different kind of look to one I am used to.

The colours that it contains (in order of the palette and swatches):

I have found that the colour Lavish is good for filling in my brows, as it is one of the matte shades and a pretty good colour match (although it is a bit lighter than I would usually go for).

Another colour that I have been loving is Corrupt. It is black with the tiniest bit of shimmer, which you really can't see once you have applied it. I like to use this either along the top or bottom of my eyes to line them and it can also be smudged out to create a smokier effect.

One of the colours that I am not the biggest fan of, is Naked. As you can see from the swatch, it is a very pale colour which is actually quite hard to see and doesn't really show up to well.

As for lasting power, the eyeshaddows last for quite a while. It is not perfect and if you are planning on wearing it for the whole day, it will probably need topping up towards the end. So far, it has been fine for the lengths of time that I have been using it.

The pigmentation of these shaddows are pretty good. They are quite powdery and leave a bit of dust but other than that, I am a big fan of the palette.

Have any of you tried out this palette? Let me know.

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