Primark Aztec Nails

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If you are anything like me, hearing the words 'Primark Nails' will make you expect cheap and tacky nails that fall of and don't fit your fingers.

However, about a year or so ago, I was in Primark when I came across their wide selection of false nails in many different colours and patterns. Given that they were only £1 per packet, I thought why not and picked up a few different patterns.

I was pleasantly surprised, first of all at how well they fit. I have always struggled to find false nails that are the right size for me, but these fit perfectly. I also love the shape of them too.

On a recent trip to Primark, I decided to pick up some blue and pink aztec style nails because of how much I had loved them before. 

First of all, I love this pattern. It is very quirky and fun with lovely colours. I also love the length because they are long but not so long that they are unmanageable. I have never really had super long nails so this is a nice change, as I don't wear false nails very often.

They also last for a good length of time and the good thing about them is that if one nail comes off, you can just stick it back on, using the adhesive glue that they come with.

If you live in an area where there is a Primark, I would definitely recommend trying them out. If you have tried them out let me know.

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