Halloween Cupcakes

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I love Halloween a lot, so I thought that I would do a post about making Halloween cupcakes, as I also love baking.

I did two different designs. One with a spiders web and one with a spider, but they are easy designs to change and fit to what you like.

The first thing that I did was make the cake batter. For this you can use your favourite recipe or any vanilla cupcake recipe. 

Once I had made the cake batter I divided it into two bowls. Then I used gel food colouring to colour each bowl of batter. The two colours that I went for were green and red, which I though were quite halloween themed and looked like a mix between slime and blood. (They are also chrimassy colours, so they would work for that occasion as well.)

After this, I put a small amount of each colour batter in the cupcake cases. It created a layered effect and I thought that it came out really well.

Next I put them in the oven for around 25 minutes, but it depends on what your recipe instructs. Once they were finished in the oven, I left them to cool and made the icing.

Again with the buttercream icing, you can use any recipe that you want, although most are pretty similar.

Once I had made the buttercream I divided it into four bowls. Three of the bowls had roughly the same amount in and then the final had just a small spoon of icing (this is kept white and used for  the spiders eyes). I coloured the other bowls orange, green and black, again using the gel food colouring because it gives a more bright and vibrant colour.

I covered half of the cakes with green icing and half with orange. To spread it I used a palette knife, but you can just use a regular butter knife.


First of all you will need a piping bag with a nozzle that has a small circle in the end. Then fill the bag with the black buttercream. You will need to create a dot in the middle of the orange cake and take 8 lines from the center dot to the edge of the cake. 

Then you need to create little semi circles between each line, which will give you the spider web effect. You will need to do this all the way round the cake, one near the center dot and one further towards the edge of the cake.


Again you will need to use the same piping bag and nozzle with the black buttercream icing. You will need to create a big circle in the middle of the green cake to start off with. Then to make the legs you will need to create eight triangle shapes, four on each side.

For the eyes, you need to put a small dot of white icing and then an even smaller dot of black on top of that.

So now you are left with your two final designs. You can repeat this as many times as you like on each of the cakes. I just left some plain green because I ran out of black icing but it is completely up to you how you do them.

As you can see, when you cut them open, you are left with a red and green marble effect.

If you try these out, let me know.

Thank you for reading x

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