Benefits of Drinking More Water


I have always been the kind of person that drinks quite a lot of water but probably not as much as I should. So, at the beginning of this summer I decided that everyday I would drink at least 2 litres of water. It was a bit of a challenge at times, but I did do it every single day of the summer holidays.

I was so surprised by the results of just drinking more water. 

First of all, it helped my skin. I have never had extremely bad skin but I get spots here and there like most other girls my age. I was fully aware that water is supposed to help your skin, but it surprised me how much it did. I obviously still get some spots, but it has reduced so much. Also, my skin has just felt a lot clearer and smoother.

Another thing that has changed is my energy levels. I feel very tired a lot even though I usually have quite a bit of sleep at night and I have always wondered why. Since drinking more water I have just felt so much more awake and energised and it actually really surprised me.

 I have also found that drinking more water can stop me from snacking when I am not actually hungry and just bored. If I am in one of those moods where I have nothing to do and I just want to sit and eat everything, I have a glass of water and it usually stops me from feeling that way. It shows me that sometimes when I think that I am hungry, it could really just mean that I need a drink.

Water is also just really good to just keep everything inside your body generally healthy.

If you think that you don't drink enough, I really recommend drinking 2 litres a day. It is not that hard. You just have to have 500ml (1 bottle of water) at every meal time and then one at some other point through out the day.

Thank you for reading x
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  1. Sometimes I also notice that drinking water helps against craving for food.

  2. it's really difficult to get into the habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day if your not used to it, but after a while it becomes part of your daily routine :) I have to drink 3-4 litres a day to keep hydrated.. was difficult at first but now I manage it easily, spread out of course! it can be dangerous if you drink a lot in one go!

    I really enjoy your blog, well done :) xx

    1. yes i found it the same that it is a lot easier once you are in the habit of drinking a lot of water x


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