Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Review


This summer, I have been loving the Rita Ora nail polish collection from Rimmel and there is a lot of good things I can say about it.

First of all, they dry so quickly, which I always love in a nail polish, because lets be honest, who has the time to sit and wait for your nails to dry. I wouldn't say they completely dry in 60 seconds, but it doesn't take much longer than that. I always seem to have something that I need to do when my nails are semi-dry and I manage to smudge them. This doesn't happen with this collection, as they dry so fast.

Secondly, the collection has such a vast and wide range of beautiful colours to choose from. I only own three colours from the collection (two of them being black and white, so they are not exactly adventurous) but I am definitely going to be buying some more. 

800 Blackout- I have found this colour a good one to use for things like going out to dinner. It also has a lovely glossy finish to it. It is not actually part of the Rita Ora collection but it is still part of the 60 second collection.

703 White Hot Love- I am so in love with this colour. It has been my most used colour so far this summer. I find white a really great colour for your nails in the summer, because it can make you look more tanned, which I am all for.

403 Oragasm- Oragasm is a lovely orange colour, which I have also found perfect for the spring/ summer time. It is really bright and fun and I love it!

The brush is also easy to use and it makes it easier to apply. It is designed as a flat brush, rather than the typical shaped brush. This makes it easier to evenly distribute on the nail. This also means that you only really need one coat, but I usually use two, just to make it look neater.

I, also, found the price really reasonable. They are only £3.69 per bottle, but are currently on offer in Boots and Superdrug. They are £1 off at the moment, making the price only £2.69.

Being this affordable, they are obviously not perfect. They don't stay on your nails for as long as other/ higher end brands. I have found that they usually begin to chip after about two days. But, they are so easy to apply and remove, that it is no hardship to repaint them every other day.

Buy them from Superdrug here:

I hope that if you have any of this collection, you are enjoying them as much as I am.

Let me know if you recommend any of the other colours.

Thanks for reading x
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  1. I really didn't get along with White Hot Love (the only one I've used from the Rita Ora collection) as I found you needed loads of layers before it was very white, which resulted in a really lumpy finish and it took ages to dry. I gave up pretty quickly as a lost cause but this is definitely inspiring me to have another go!
    Thanks for the great post
    millie x

    1. i'm sorry to hear you didn't get on that well with it.
      hopefully giving it another go will end better.
      glad you enjoyed reading the post xx


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