New Baby Lips Electro Collection Review


I recently purchased three of the new Baby Lips from Superdrug and they are part of the Electro collection.

I am aware that in this whole collection, there are six different colours, but I believe there are only four out in the UK at the moment.

Anyway, I only own three right now and those colours are Pink Shock, Oh Orange and Strike a Rose (the same order as the swatches).

I will start off by saying that I do really love this collection. I am a huge fan of Maybelline and I feel like it is pretty rare for me to be let down by any of their products and this is no exception. 

The first thing that I will talk about is the colour. When I first saw these, I'm not going to lie, the colours scared me a little. They are exceptionally bright as you can see from the picture and I don't think I would ever wear/ pull of colours that bright. When you apply the lip balm, it does tone down and leave you with lovely colours. The colours are a lot brighter and clearer than previous Baby Lips collections. I really like this because it means that just by using the lip balm, it almost gives the effect of lip gloss. I have found that they are really great for natural/ everyday makeup. 

I have also found that the colour does not stay on my lips for that long. So, if you are looking for a long-lasting colour, this is probably not the product for you. However, with it being a lip balm, it is really easy to apply, so I don't mind topping it up every so often. I have also used them as bases before using other lip products on top.

The collection claims to give 8 hours of hydration. I'm not sure that it lasts for that long but they do give a lot of moisture. Right before I started using these, I had very dry lips and they definitely helped a lot to re-hydrate them.

Out of the three that I own, my favourite colour is Strike a Rose. I love how natural it looks, whilst still giving you a good amount of colour. Overall, I am a huge fan of these and love using them.

I you have tried these, let me know what you think. Also, if you have tried any of the other colours that I haven't mentioned, let me know what you think of them and whether or not you recommend me buying them.

Thank you so much for reading x

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  1. Love these colors.
    Thanks for nominating me for Liebster Award , some time ago. My answers are here.

  2. I think the orange-y one is lovely
    I have the normal Baby Lips in Cherry and I love how moisturising it is

  3. I've never tried these, I only got the mint one from the original Baby Lips range, which was clear and kind of uninteresting so I regretted my choice and didn't use it at all. That being said, I like the idea of a tinted lip balm (I top it up all the time so I imagine getting the colour to last won't be too difficult) and I really want to try Oh Orange!


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