My Favourite Soap and Glory Skincare Products


I have always been a huge fan of Soap and Glory. I love a lot of their products and they have got a wide variety of choices when it comes to skincare. I also really love the packaging of all their products and the funny little notes they have on them.
So, here are my current favourite skincare products.

 The Righteous Butter
I love this product so much. It is so moisturising and soft on your skin. It leaves my arms and legs feeling nourished. It's perfect for me as I often get dry skin and I find that this really helps. Even though a lot of people have said that they didn't like the smell of this product, I love it, as I do with all Soap and Glory products.

Sugar Crush Fresh and Foamy Body Wash

My favourite thing about this product is definitely the smell. It has a scent that I really wasn't expecting. I've always found that most Soap and Glory products have a very similar smell, but this one is totally different. It is more of a citrus body wash and smells like lime. Aside from the smell, it is very moisturising and I am really enjoying using it. 

Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion
Out of all the Soap and Glory moisturisers, this one is my favourite. It is the one that I use most days, after I have been in the bath or shower. It is so nourishing and gentle. I can really feel that it is good for my skin when I use it. The only thing that I don't like about this product, is that it takes a while to dry after you apply it. But other than that, I love it!

The Scrub of your Life
This is one of my all time favourites. It's perfect for exfoliating. It removes dead and dry skin and leaves your skin feeling very soft and smooth. Even though it's a scrub, it still feels so gentle on your skin. And obviously, it smells amazing.

Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash off Deep Purifying Cleanser
This is definitely my favourite Soap and Glory skincare product. I use it as part of my face wash routine and I'm honestly not sure how my skin ever survived without it. I noticed a difference straight away when I first used it. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and completely clean. It, also, lasts for a very long time. I bought a new one today, but my previous one lasted, everyday, for around 6 months. I can't say enough good things about it, I just love it!

Let me know if you use any of these products and what you think of them. Also, let me know if you have any other favourites that I haven't mentioned.

Where to buy these products...
The Righteous Butter- £10.50
Sugar Crush Body Wash- £6.50
Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion- £10
The Scrub of your Life- £7
Peaches and Clean Cleanser-£8

Thank you for reading x

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  1. I always liked the smell of the 'Sugar Crush Body Wash' even though its sweeter than I'm usually used too :) Good post!

  2. Hello! I have nominated you for the The Liebster Award !
    Here is my post for more info about it


  3. Never tried the brand but heard only good things about it !
    Thanks for the review !


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