Maybelline The Rocket Mascara Review


I recently purchased Maybelline's The Rocket waterproof mascara. I have been super impressed with this product. It is £7.99 and worth every single penny.

I have got quite short and straight lashes, so I need to have a
good quality mascara to lengthen them. I have seen a massive difference since wearing this product and I LOVE IT! Also, I have been impressed with how well with it holds the curl and the fact it lasts pretty much all day.

The wand is the perfect size and shape for me which makes it very easy to apply. It doesn't clump and it spreads out your lashes evenly, which makes everything quick and easy in the morning when your are applying it. I have found the waterproof quality amazing. Even after being in the pool for hours, on holiday, there was a lot of mascara left on my lashes when I got out.

The only thing I can really fault it on, is that it can smudge a bit under your eyes if you blink straight after you apply it because it takes a while to properly dry.

Overall, I love this mascara and I am pretty sure I will be re-purchasing when it runs out.

Check it out here and right now you can get a second selected Maybelline product half price when you buy it.

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  1. The packaging is so pretty! I've never used Maybelline mascara! I prefer the tubular type that can't smudge because it comes off in stringy bits. I use Pop no clump comb mascara it's lovely!


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